About Us

Hi! I'm Adrian and I am running our family distillery "Edelobstbrennerei Schleihauf" in third generation. For 40 years now, we are specialised on manufacturing handmade, high-quality premium spirits. Inspired by my cat Rüdiger, the brand name "Böser Kater" was born. Together with my team, we combine our love of cats with the passion for a good drink.

Our Company's History

Our family distillery "Edelobstbrennerei Schleihauf" was founded in 1982 by Herbert Schleihauf with a distillateur's concession. Back then, the distillery's focus laid on the manufacturing of traditional spirits made out of regional fruits. As an experienced master of the cooper and winery craft, Herbert Schleihauf imparted his knowledge to the following generations and thus still impacts the quality of our Böser Kater products.

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